Reducing risks and keeping you healthy

We are all working hard to limit close contact with others to slow the spread of the coronavirus. This poses new challenges as we do simple, everyday things, such as going to the pharmacy to get our medicine, or the grocery store to get food. The pharmacy is potentially a high risk environment to visit as both sick and healthy patients visit to collect their medication:

Here are our top tips to avoid getting sick:

  1. Firstly and MOST IMPORTANTLY — stay home if you are sick or have COVID-19 symptoms, such as a fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  2. Protecting yourself is your responsibility – so wear a mask, be responsible for sanitising and washing your hands, cover your cough, and don’t touch your face.
  3. Order your medicine for delivery – we deliver Monday-Saturday, and will deliver the same day if your order is received before 3pm (before 12pm on Saturday). Orders can be placed on​ phone us on tel: 011 440 7608
  4. You can also phone or email ahead and we can have your medicine order ready for collection, thus minimising the time you need to spend in the pharmacy.
  5. We will collect your credit card number for payment on a once off basis and then destroy it. Please bear with us, if we contact you for payment and you have previously given your credit card details – we don’t store them for your safety.
  6. When entering and leaving the pharmacy or clinic please use the sanitiser provided at the door.
  7. Maintain social distancing, our floor stickers will guide you.
  8. When you get home, remove your mask for washing and wash your hands with soap and water or 20 seconds

What are we doing to protect you?

  1. We have a rigorous cleaning schedule, with 2 cleaners employed full time to attend to the cleaning schedule. We clean all surface areas, floors, counters etc every 2 hours. Keyboards, and personal work areas are cleaned hourly.
  2. Credit card machines and dispensing tablet counters are cleaned before each use.
  3. Our staff wear PPE including medical masks, coveralls, shoe and hair covers.
  4. Our staff’s temperature is taken daily, and any member of staff showing signs of a temperature and or any other symptoms will be sent for testing and then sent home.
  5. We are having perspex Covid screens installed at all dispensing and till points later this week.
  6. Our floors are sprayed down when we close every evening.

Community Initiative
Tyrone Pharmacy is now stocking a range of fabric face masks. We are supporting a number of small businesses and charities that are making a range of different fabric face masks to provide much needed income. To further this cause and assist the Minister of Health’s call for all citizens to wear fabric face masks, we are asking for donations of masks. So if you sew, and would like to donate some masks or if you want to purchase an extra one for donation – we will make sure it ends up doing duty protecting us all from COVID19 when lockdown is lifted. In addition Tyrone Pharmacy will donate the equivalent value of donated masks to the Solidarity Fund for Medical PPE.